Exercice temps anglais 15

Exercice temps anglais:

Simple Past ou Past Perfect

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Exercice 1

Choisissez le temps qui convient (past simple ou past perfect).

  1. The wind  away the magazines that I  on the garden table.
  2. The teacher  the essays that his students  .
  3. The girls  at the pictures that they  the day before.

Exercice 2

Complétez les phrases suivantes avec le past simple ou le past perfect:

  1. Yesterday, Wendy (go)   to Starbucks after work.
  2. She (sit)   down at a table outside and (look)   at the menu.
  3. When the waiter (come)   to take her order, she (be)   surprised.
  4. It (be)   Simon, an old friend from school.
  5. They (see/not)   each other for at least ten years.
  6. So they (tell)   each other what(happen)   in the past ten years.

Correction exercice 1

  1. The wind blew away the magazines that I had left on the garden table.
  2. The teacher corrected the essays that his students had written.
  3. The girls laughed at the pictures that they had taken the day before.

Correction exercice 2

  1. Yesterday, Wendy went to Starbucks after work.
  2. She sat down at a table outside and looked at the menu.
  3. When the waiter came to take her order, she was surprised.
  4. It was Simon, an old friend from school.
  5. They had not seen each other for at least ten years.
  6. So they told each other what had happened in the past ten years.

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