exercice conjugaison anglais passe


Complétez les phrases au passé simple: 

Exemple: Tina _______ 2 hours at the train station. (to wait) => Tina waited 2 hours at the train station.

  1. Sam  a movie. (to watch)
  2. He  a box. (to carry)
  3. They  their friend. (to help)
  4. Wendy and John  phones. (to swap)
  5.  to Tony. (to talk)
  6. Sonya  with Nico. (to dance)
  7. The boys  soccer. (to try)
  8. We  a trip to China. (to plan)
  9. She  her hair. (to wash)
  10. The car  at the traffic lights. (to stop)

  1. Sam watched a movie.
  2. He carried a box.
  3. They helped their friend.
  4. Wendy and John swapped phones.
  5. I talked to Tony.
  6. Sonya danced with Nico.
  7. The boys tried soccer.
  8. We planned a trip to China.
  9. She washed her hair.
  10. The car stopped at the traffic lights.

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