Exercice anglais vocabulaire: les matériaux


Utilisez les mots suivants dans les phrases ci-dessous: 

metal | wood | glass | rubber | plastic | leather | wax | cardboard

1. The characters in Madame Tussaud’s are made of

2. Most wine bottles are made of green, brown or clear

3. Car tyres are made of

4. A few cars are made of fibre glass, but most are made of

5. Shampoo bottles and washing-up liquid both come in bottles.

6. Today most yachts are made of fibre glass, but they used to be made of .

7. Most people wear shoes with uppers, but plastic soles. The most expensive shoes also have soles.

8. Cornflakes and other breakfast cereals come in boxes.

  • 1. wax
  • 2.glass
  • 3. rubber
  • 4. metal
  • 5. plastic
  • 6. wood
  • 7. leather, leather
  • 8. cardboard

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