exercice verbe irregulier anglais


Complétez les phrases suivantes en utilisant le verbe entre parenthèses:

  1. The old car was (forsake)  in the backyard.
  2. He (hold)  the door for me when I was carrying my groceries.
  3. I’ve (put)  the keys on the table.
  4. She (have)  a baby last month.
  5. I (leave)  the house at 8pm
  6. My parents (give)  me a cat for my birthday.
  7. My feet are (swell)  because I’ve been walking all day.
  8. Who (teach)  you how to speak chinese?
  9. I (know)  the answer yesterday.
  10. I (forget)  to buy some eggs.


  1. forsaken
  2. held
  3. put
  4. had
  5. left
  6. gave
  7. swollen
  8. taught
  9. knew
  10. forgot

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