ed ou ing exercice

exercice 2


– Is the book you are reading very interesting? Interest

– The new James Bond film is really thrilling. Thrill

– We were both surprised that she hadn’t heard the news. Surprise

– The images of the war were very depressing. Depress

– I nearly fell asleep in the cinema. The film was so boring. Bore

– She had such good marks that she was very encouraged. Encourage

– Can you tell me where that annoying noise comes from? Annoy

– They were disappointed the weather wasn’t good yesterday. Disappoint

– My sister was fascinated by my old toys. Fascinate

– When you are not in good spirits, it is tempting to stay in bed all day. Tempt


He’s such a monotonous speaker. I was bored stiff. (bored / boring)

2 Most sequels are disappointing. (disappointed / disappointing)
3 I had such a tiring day I went straight to bed. (tired / tiring)
4 Everyone’s very excited about the news. (excited / exciting)
5 That lamp produces a very pleasing effect. (pleased / pleasing)
6 The whole school was saddened by the tragic event. (saddened / saddening)
7 I don’t like watching depressing films on my own. (depressed / depressing)
8 I was amazed when she told me she’d got divorced. (amazed / amazing)
9 He’s such a boring guy. He only ever talks about himself. (bored / boring)
10 I’m very interested in films and theatre. (interested / interesting)
11 No one knew what would happen next. We were all intrigued . (intrigued / intriguing)
12 It was a very interesting situation. (interested / interesting)
13 There’s been some very surprising news. (surprised / surprising)
14 His mother was disgusted by what she found under her bed. (disgusted / disgusting)
15 Their hamburgers are disgusting . (disgusted / disgusting)
16 Dad always arrives home from work thoroughly exhausted . (exhausted / exhausting)
17 He’s always showing off. It’s really annoying . (annoyed / annoying)
18 I think Alex is one of the most annoying people I’ve ever met. He can’t keep still for a second. (annoyed / annoying)
19 I walked into this restaurant and there was Andy with a strange woman. He seemed really embarrassed . (embarrassed / embarrassing)
20 She kept talking about her boyfriend problems all night. It was rather embarrassing . (embarrassed / embarrassing)

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