Description physique anglais

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Complétez le dialogue avec les mots suivantes:

fussy | pushy | selfish | pessimistic | intolerant | optimistic

1. I know I’m going to get this job – the interview went so well.
> I think you’re being a bit . Hundreds of people have applied for it.

2. I’m trying to persuade Liz to give up her job and come and live with me in Scotland.
> Aren’t you being a bit ? You know how important her career is.

3. l’ve looked at fifteen flats and I haven’t seen one l really like.
> Don‘t you think you’re being a bit ? You’ll never find one that’s perfect.

4. Why haven’t they phoned me back? I know I’m not going to get this job.
> Aren’t you being a bit ? You only had the interview yesterday.

5. Do you think Ann will come on holiday with me?
> Slow down! You’ve only just met her! Aren’t you being a bit ?

6. I hope Bob doesn’t become manager. I don’t like his accent.
> Don’t you think you’re being a bit ? You can’t dislike him just because of the way he speaks!


  1. optimistic
  2. selfish
  3. fussy
  4. pessimistic
  5. pushy
  6. intolerant

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