Anglais – la politique | Exercice

Anglais – la politique | Exercice

Exercice d’anglais gratuit à faire en ligne avec sa correction.

Complétez le dialogue avec les mots suivants:

voter | candidate | manifesto | power | campaign | polling station | vote | parties | constituency | policies

A: Have you voted yet?

B: No, but I’m going to the (1) on my way home.

A: Sometimes I don’t know why we bother. The main (2) might have a few different (3) , but basically they’re all the same – they make lots of promises during the election (4) and as soon as they’re in (5), they do something completely different.

B: I know. I saw the Conservative (6) in town yesterday, but he didn’t say anything I haven’: heard a thousand times before, and in my (7) the Social Democrat always wins anyway.

A: I voted for the Green Party last time, and Social Democrat the time before, but this time my (8) is going to somebody who promises to reduce income tax and that’s in the Conservative (9), but none of the others.

B: A different party every time! You‘re a politician’s nightmare – the floating (10) !

  1. polling station
  2. parties
  3. policies
  4. campaign
  5. power
  6. candidate
  7. constituency
  8. vote
  9. manifesto
  10. voter

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