Adjectifs en ing ou ed anglais

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  1. That’s a very  movie.
  2. The situation is becoming very .
  3. I was  when I heard the story.
  4. This meal was a little .
  5. She looked  when I told her I was 18.
  6. I worked hard all day. Now I feel .
  7. His explanation is so … I don’t understand anything!
  8. I’m feeling extremely  when I don’t have enough money.
  9. You look . What’s happened?
  10. South Africa is the most  place I have ever been to.
  11. Did you hear that singer? He was !
  12. I’m not completely  with this new TV.
  13. The speech was two hours long. It was really .
  14. He’ll be  if you say that.
  15. The atmosphere is a little  in this city.

  1. interesting
  2. worrying
  3. terrified
  4. disappointing
  5. surprised
  6. tired
  7. confusing
  8. frustrated
  9. worried
  10. fascinating
  11. amazing
  12. satisfied
  13. boring
  14. shocked
  15. depressing

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