vocabulaire anglais shopping exercice

Les expressions avec les coûts et prix:

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Complétez les expressions ci-dessous avec cost ou price:

1. half 

2. total 

3. tag

4. of living

5. two for the  of one

6. list

7. fair 

8. included at no extra 

Ensuite, utilisez les expressions formées pour compléter les phrases suivantes: 

A. Do you miss living in London?

No, not really, because was so high, I never had any money.

B. That’s a nice jacket. Is it new?
> Yes, l bought it in the sales.

C. Why did you get two packets of coffee?
It was a special offer — 

D. I enclose a copy of our brochure and current

E. Can you tell me how much this jacket is?
I can’t see a on it.

F. The price of the air ticket alone was £120, but the  was much more than that.


  1. half price
  2. total cost
  3. price tag
  4. cost of living
  5. two for the price of one
  6. price list
  7. fair price
  8. included at no extra cost
  • A. the cost of living
  • B. half-price
  • C. two for the price of one
  • D. price list
  • E. price tag
  • F. local cost

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