pronoms sujet anglais exercice

Changez le sujet en pronoms personnels sujets:


My grandpa is nice. → He is nice.
You and your brother are lazy. → You are lazy.

  1. This game is fun. →   is fun.
  2. The students are smart. →   are smart.
  3. Is this seat free? → Is  free?
  4. This place is famous. →   is famous.
  5. The girls are Canadian. →   are Canadian.
  6. Samantha is from London. →   is from London.
  7. The shoes are dirty. →   are dirty.
  8. You and I love each other. →   love each other.
  9. You and your friend are kind. →   are kind.
  10. The man is crying. →   is crying.
  11. You and I are hungry. →   are hungry.
  12. Tina often reads books. →   often reads books.
  13. Is Kevin playing video games? → Is  playing video games?
  14. My sister is a nurse. →   is a nurse.
  15. The pictures are on the wall. →   are on the wall.
  16. The horse is running. →   is running.
  17. My sister and I studied English together. →   studied English together.
  18. Jim is playing soccer. →   is playing soccer
  19. The cats are quiet. →   are quiet.
  20. Sarah has got a brother. →   has got a brother.

  1. It is fun.
  2. They are smart.
  3. Is it free?
  4. It is famous.
  5. They are Canadian.
  6. She is from London.
  7. They are dirty.
  8. We love each other.
  9. You are kind.
  10. He is crying.
  11. We are hungry.
  12. She often reads books.
  13. Is he playing video games?
  14. She is a nurse.
  15. They are on the wall.
  16. It is running.
  17. We studied English together.
  18. He is playing soccer
  19. They are quiet.
  20. She has got a brother.

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