negation en anglais exercice


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Mettez le verbe en gras à la forme négative (vous pouvez utiliser la forme contractée – ex: isn’t, doesn’t…)

Exemple: Sam writes letters. → Sam doesn’t write letters. OU: Sam does not write letters.

  1. We watch TV in the evening. → We TV in the evening.
  2. Sam does the dishes every day. → Sam the dishes every day.
  3. She is very fat. → She very fat.
  4. The train arrives in the afternoon. → The train in the afternoon.
  5. We are ready to start work. → We ready to start work.
  6. I like coffee. → I coffee.
  7. I live in Paris. → I in Paris.
  8. She comes from Spain. → She from Spain.
  9. Kevin works in a bank. → Kevin  in a bank.
  10. They get up at eight o’clock. → They at eight o’clock.
  11. We go to the cinema every Friday. → We to the cinema every Friday.
  12. You read the newspaper every day. → You the newspaper every day.
  13. He goes to school in France. → He to school in France.
  14. I have a shower in the morning. → I a shower in the morning.
  15. She drinks tea every afternoon. → She tea every afternoon.
  16. They visit their friends during the weekend. → They their friends during the weekend.
  17. You study English very often. → You English very often.
  18. It rains here in the summer. → It here in the summer.
  19. He likes spinach. → He spinach.
  20. She plays the guitar. → She the guitar.

  1. We don’t watch TV in the evening. (ou: do not…)
  2. Sam doesn’t do the dishes every day. (ou: does not…)
  3. She isn’t very fat. (ou: is not…)
  4. The train doesn’t arrive in the afternoon. (ou: does not…)
  5. We aren’t ready to start work. (ou: are not…)
  6. I don’t like coffee. (ou: do not…)
  7. I don’t live in Paris. (ou: do not…)
  8. She doesn’t come from Spain. (ou: does not…)
  9. Kevin doesn’t work in a bank. (ou: does not…)
  10. They don’t get up at eight o’clock. (ou: do not…)
  11. We don’t go to the cinema every Friday. (ou: do not…)
  12. You don’t read the newspaper every day. (ou: do not…)
  13. He doesn’t go to school in France. (ou: does not…)
  14. I don’t have a shower in the morning. (ou: do not…)
  15. She doesn’t drink tea every afternoon. (ou: does not…)
  16. They don’t visit their friends during the weekend. (ou: do not…)
  17. You don’t study English very often. (ou: do not…)
  18. It doesn’t rain here in the summer. (ou: does not…)
  19. He doesn’t like spinach. (ou: does not…)
  20. She doesn’t play the guitar. (ou: does not…)

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