its ou it’s exercice

Choisissez entre its ou it’s:

  1.  not going to happen.
  2. I hope that  not too late to board the plane.
  3. The tree has lost all of  leaves.
  4.  too late to eat dinner.
  5. The company has seen  profits rise by 20%.
  6. Look at the cat!  hurt  head.
  7. The cat had eaten all  food.
  8.  been raining all day.
  9.  been an nice day.
  10. My house is old and  roof is damaged.
  11. Let me know when  ready.
  12.  not possible to book a bus ticket online.
  13. It was  first time out of the zoo.
  14.  too difficult, I can’t do it.
  15. Put the key in  place, please.
  16. We don’t care,  none of our business.
  17. The dog is eating  dinner.
  18. I haven’t seen it, but I have heard  a good movie.
  19. The government has lost   way.
  20.   been almost three years since I’ve been to Japan.

  1. it’s
  2. it’s
  3. its
  4. it’s
  5. its
  6. it’s / its
  7. its
  8. it’s
  9. it’s
  10. its
  11. it’s
  12. it’s
  13. its
  14. it’s
  15. its
  16. it’s
  17. its
  18. it’s
  19. its
  20. it’s

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