Exercices passif anglais

Exercice voix passive anglais

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Réécrivez les phrases suivantes à la voix passive:

Exemple:  They are still preparing the food. → The food is still being prepared.

1. We have produced shoes here since 1988.

2. All students will read the memo.

3. They haven’t decided anything yet.

4. The waitress will bring you your drinks in a minute

5. Someone is knocking at the door.

6. Dad used a spoon to open the window.

7. Zidane scored the goal in the 46th minute.

8. They will launch the new ship next week.

9. Dad is going to prepare the food.

10. They could have kicked him out of the nightclub.

  1. Shoes have been produced here since 1988.
  2. The memo will be read by all students.
  3. Nothing has been decided yet.
  4. Your drinks will be brought in a minute.
  5. The door is being knocked at.
  6. A spoon was used to open the window.
  7. The goal was scored by Zidane in the 46th minute.
  8. The new ship will be launched next week.
  9. The food is going to be prepared by dad.
  10. He could have been kicked out of the nightclub.

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