Exercices débutant anglais verbes ing 1/2

Exercices débutant anglais verbes ing 1/2

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Complétez les phrases suivantes avec la forme en -ing des verbes entre parenthèses.


  • What are you doing there? I (write) a letter.
  • => I am writing a letter.
  1. We prefer (cook)  our own food.
  2. My aunt is scared of (go) by plane.
  3. Tina is interested in (make)  new friends.
  4. Paul dreams of (be) a famous guitar player.
  5. I should give up (smoke) .
  6. She are afraid of (swim) in the lake.
  7. I don’t like (play)  poker.
  8. She is crazy about (sing) .
  9. Sarah is good at (dance) .
  10. We started (work)  on this last week.
  11. They suggested not (keep)   the money.
  12. Sam mentioned (stay)  up late.
  13. The job involves (deal)  with dangerous chemicals.
  14. Kevin finished (fix)  the car.
  15. She practices (play)  guitar every day.

  1. cooking
  2. going
  3. making
  4. being
  5. smoking
  6. swiming
  7. playing
  8. singing
  9. dancing
  10. working
  11. keeping
  12. staying
  13. dealing
  14. fixing
  15. playing

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