Exercices débutant anglais to be

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Choisissez entre am, is ou are:

  1. My name  John.
  2. Where  you going?
  3. There  lots of insects in the garden.
  4. My dad  in the kitchen.
  5. We  hungry.
  6. It  hot outside.
  7. The cats  on the tree.
  8. There  a big dog in my yard.
  9.  Tom going out today?
  10.  you from London?
  11.  they going to the zoo?
  12. What  your telephone number?
  13.  I late?
  14. It  sunny today.
  15. Who  you playing with today?

  1. My name is John.
  2. Where are you going?
  3. There are lots of insects in the garden.
  4. My dad is in the kitchen.
  5. We are hungry.
  6. It is hot outside.
  7. The cats are on the tree.
  8. There is a big dog in my yard.
  9. is Tom going out today?
  10. Are you from London?
  11. Are they going to the zoo?
  12. What is your telephone number?
  13. am I late?
  14. It is sunny today.
  15. Who are you playing with today?

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