Exercices débutant anglais: be ou have

Exercices débutant anglais be ou have

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Complétez les phrases avec: am | are | is | has | have

1. My name  Max.

2. She  tall.

3. His cousin  a good doctor.

4. He  a lot of money.

5. These students  very clever.

6. Simon  three children.

7.   you tired ?

8. Tony  28 years old.

9. My car isn’t black. It  a white car.

10. He  your keys.

11. You and I  sister and brother.

12. He  one dog and two cats.

13. It  a bird.

14. They  a car.

15. My eyes   blue.

1. My name is Max.

2. She is tall.

3. His cousin is a good doctor.

4. He has a lot of money.

5. These students are very clever.

6. Simon has three children.

7.  are you tired ?

8. Tony is 28 years old.

9. My car isn’t black. It is a white car.

10. He has your keys.

11. You and I are sister and brother.

12. He has one dog and two cats.

13. It is a bird.

14. They have a car.

15. My eyes are blue.

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