exercice superlatif anglais pdf (test n°2)


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Écrivez la forme superlative des mots entre parenthèses:


  • The elephant is the _____  (heavy) animal in Africa → The elephant is the heaviest animal in Africa
  • Of all the people I know, Paul is the _____ (important).  → Of all the people I know, Paul is the most important.

1. I am the  (tall) person in my family.
2. Jupiter is the   (big) planet in our solar system.
3. Elephants are the  (large) land animals on earth.
4. Which sports do you think are the  (dangerous)?
5. My cat is the   (lazy) animal I know.
6. This restaurant serves the   (good) food in town.
7. I think math are the  (difficult) subject.
8. What is the   (long) word in English that you know?
9. He is the  (strange) man in my neighbourhood.
10. Last week, I had the  (bad) time of my life!
11. Which place is the  (hot) place on earth?
12. I think it is the  (funny)  show on television.
13. My friend is the  (interesting) person I know.
14. Who is the  (famous) person in your country?
15. The Black Mamba is the   (deadly) snake in the world.

  1. am the tallest
  2. biggest
  3. largest
  4. most dangerous
  5. laziest
  6. best
  7. most difficult
  8. longest
  9. the strangest
  10. worst
  11. hottest
  12. funniest
  13. most interesting
  14. most famous
  15. deadliest

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