Exercice pronom personnel complément


Par quel pronom personnel complément peut-on remplacer les mots soulignés dans les phrases suivantes ?

  1. The neighbor always gives his dogs a lot of food.


  2. I am showing my books to my little sister.


  3. The children are cleaning their rooms.


  4. My mother is writing a letter to Thomas.


  5. I don’t know the answer.


  6. Tina is giving Sarah a present.


  7. Open the window, please.


  8. Can you see the policement from here?


  9. The books are for Kevin.


  10. Can you help my brother and me, please?


  1. them
  2. her
  3. them
  4. him
  5. it
  6. her
  7. it
  8. them
  9. him
  10. us

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