am is ou are

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Choisissez entre am, is ou are:

  1. They  teachers.
  2.  hot.
  3. He  a student.
  4.  you going to the movie?
  5.  he going to the park?
  6. Tom and Sarah  friends.
  7.  at school.
  8. Where  my coffee?
  9. He  coming to my party.
  10. What  she doing now?
  11. That answer  wrong.
  12.  twelve years old.
  13. Why  they sick?
  14. It  a lion.
  15. These  turtles.

  1. They are teachers.
  2. I am hot.
  3. He is a student.
  4. Are you going to the movie?
  5. is he going to the park?
  6. Tom and Sarah are friends.
  7. I am at school.
  8. Where is my coffee?
  9. He is coming to my party.
  10. What is she doing now?
  11. That answer is wrong.
  12. I am twelve years old.
  13. Why are they sick?
  14. It is a lion.
  15. These are turtles.

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