Adjectifs en ed ing anglais

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  1. I was deeply  by this tragic event.
  2. I went to the swimming pool this morning. I’m  now.
  3. The article was  to the French president.
  4. He was  when he saw the dog.
  5. I would be  to hear more.
  6. She seems  about her trip to India.
  7. You must have found my attitude .
  8. I saw Tom with another woman. He seemed really .
  9. I hate this restaurant, their food is .
  10. His car was in a  state.
  11. Paul is  in music.
  12. I spilled my beer on the floor. It was really .
  13. There’s been some very  news.
  14. This area of Italy has a  climate in June.
  15. I was absolutely  by what I found under his bed.

  1. saddened
  2. exhausted
  3. insulting
  4. frightened
  5. intrigued
  6. excited
  7. annoying
  8. embarrassed
  9. disgusting
  10. shocking
  11. interested
  12. embarrassing
  13. surprising
  14. pleasing
  15. disgusted

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