actif passif anglais exercice

Exercice voix passive anglais

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Trouvez la bonne réponse parmi les différentes réponses proposées:

1. The letters  from the envelopes.
 had removed
 had been removed

2. The offer  by the company.
 has accepted
 has been accepted

3. The rooms  for the customers.
 were reserving
 had reserved
 had been reserved

4. They  the party on time.
 had been started
 were starting
 had started

5. He  the key under the table.
 had hidden
 had been hidden

6. Nothing  in the appartment.
 had left
 had been left

7.    I  to become a teacher.
 have always wanted
 am always wanted
 was always wanted
 am always wanting

8.    Paul  by a dog yesterday.
 were bitten
 was bitten
 were biting
 has bitten

9.    This castle  in 1752 by the king of France.
 was built
 was build
 has built

10.    The thieves  by the police.
 have arrested
 have been arrested
 was arrested
 had arrested

11.    We  for the test.
 have preparing
 are preparing
 had preparing
 have been prepared

12.    It  since monday.
 is raining
 has been raining
 have been raining
 was raining

13.    I  for twelve hours.
 have been working
 has been working
 was working
 am working

14.    The students  to leave their phone on the table.
 have asked
 are asked
 has asked
 are asking

15.    The teacher  the boys for fighting each other.
 has been punished
 is punished
 was punished

  1. had been removed
  2. has been accepted
  3. had been reserved
  4. had started
  5. had hidden
  6. had been left
  7. have always wanted
  8. was bitten
  9. was built
  10. have been arrested
  11. are preparing
  12. has been raining
  13. have been working
  14. are asked
  15. punished

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